Happy Birthday Princess. .

Years ago at this time heaven cried, Not because they lost any war, but because they sent an angel here.  Even God cried because she was his best creation, but then he smiled because he saw her smile.  Yes, he put the beautiful thing on your face, it’s your smile. The smile which can make […]

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When you are upset..

When you are upset, things become worse. Birds can’t fly, Fishes can’t swim. Evan I can’t breath. Sun becomes hot, Clouds can’t rain. So my mind goes blank. Ice goes molten, trees can’t dance even my eyes become wet. But when you smile, Everything becomes beautiful.. Flowers can bloom, Stars can shine even I get […]

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Yes, you are my princess…

Oh my princess, you are the one. Yes, there are millions, but no one likes you. The first time I saw you everything changed. Eyes stopped blinking heart became heavy. Thousands of thoughts started running in my mind. Mind said no but heart said yes. At the same time things became better and I also […]

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Who Are you ??

Who are you? My heart skipped a beat when I saw you first time. The Light became brighter, I felt everything around me is moving slowly. I didn’t want to see anything except watching you. Who are you? My mind blew when I saw you first time. The wind became stronger, I felt like everything around […]

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