Yes, you are my princess…


Oh my princess, you are the one.

Yes, there are millions, but no one likes you.

The first time I saw you everything changed.

Eyes stopped blinking heart became heavy.

Thousands of thoughts started running in my mind.

Mind said no but heart said yes.

At the same time things became better and I also felt good.


Oh my princess, I never thought I could fall in love again. But I did.

I never thought you would be so important me.

But you would.

The time I talk to you I feel like heaven.

 Everything about you make me fall in love with you.

My day starts with you and end with you.

 Throughout the day you are in my mind.

You may not think much about me, but I think so much about you.


Oh my princess I love you so much,

Even though we are not together.

I know its not possible now, but I wish that someday you will come.

You are my everything, My friend, my life, my love and I don’t want to lose you.

Your smile is my happiness, keep it every time, even if I am not there.



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